Best Android Strategy Games

Welcome To, In this article we will introduce Top New Best Android Strategy Games for Future. If you are looking for Best Android Strategy Games, Then you are at the right place. So let’s start!

The strategy is among the oldest game types in mankind’s history. Regardless of whether it’s chess, prepackaged games or even some games.

we’ve been playing methodology games for some time before there was ever a PC.

System games have made considerable progress. However, the essential reason for thinking carefully to beat your adversaries stays genuine even right up ’til today. It’s an incredible method to test yourself to perceive how imaginative you can be. Here are the best procedure games on Android!

Best Android Strategy Games
Best Android Strategy Games


XCOM is extraordinary compared to other turn-based methodology games on the web. Here, you will go about as the authority with the mission of keeping outsiders from attacking earth. As the exquisite pioneer of XCOM, your undertaking will be controlling your group in the mission zone and banishing out the outsiders.

Its Features:

  1. Get the refreshed weapons to make preparations for the outsiders.
  2. Control the development of your soldiers and spot them in the specific area around the assigned territory.
  3. Get the updated work and phenomenal force for your troop basing on progress.
  4. Open new capacities WWE troops once you return to XCOM base camp after fulfillment of your appointed crucial.
  5. This honor dominating on the web procedure match has an anticipated practical strategic battle framework.

2: Chessplode

Chessplode is – as its name would propose – chess with blasts. The enormous blasts (well, childish pops) happen when you take a piece. At that point, everything in the piece’s line or section is disintegrated – except if a lord happens to prowl there. At that point, you simply get an exhausting old chess catch.

As you would envision, this heaves each regular chess procedure out of the window. There are crackpot introductory board designs too, which means you should adequately relearn the game so as to win.

Of the entirety of the free Android games that reevaluate chess, this is the best. You get a lot of predefined difficulties to attempt, ongoing multiplayer fights. And a level supervisor for making your own sheets – despite the fact that you’re possibly permitted to share one when you can demonstrate it’s conceivable to beat!


3: Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions

There are many Final Fantasy knockoffs in the Google Play store, yet Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions isn’t one of them; it’s a full port of the Playstation Portable revamp of the great 1998 Playstation title. Support quality designs, music, and generally speaking introduction make this game definitely justified even despite the sticker price, regardless of whether you’ve played the first.

This game is one of the Best Android Strategy Games I have ever seen.

4: Mindustry

Mindustry is a genuine concealed jewel among the packed pinnacle barrier games in the Google Play Store. Instead of holding your hand through preset levels, the game offers a total and open sandbox reasoning where you’re given the apparatuses required to develop your safeguards before influxes of adversaries give them a test.

The scary and testing ongoing interaction is more strong than most portable procedure games. And the best part is that it’s a free download without any advertisements or in-application buys.

There’s a ton of strategic speculation required to discover achievement in Mindustry. In addition to the fact that you need to worry about mining assets to develop your barriers. However, you additionally need to keep up and ensure your stockpile lines — transport lines that convey your mined assets from the drill to your center base and protection turrets.


The expectation to absorb information is very steep when you’re simply beginning, yet once you understand the nuts and bolts and begin opening new advances on the tech tree, Mindustry begins to open up.

The independent mode is an incredible spot to begin and practice your own techniques, yet just starts to expose all that mindustry brings to the table. There are multiplayer modes accessible for custom servers or nearby play over LAN with the host ready to adjust settings to change pretty much every part of the game. You can likewise make your own custom maps with the included guide editorial manager. It’s an astounding game that is kept on creating and develop in the course of recent years while staying free for Android gamers.

5: Bad North: Jotunn Edition

Bad North: Jotunn Edition is one of the more current procedure games on the rundown. It plays like a great methodology game. You get a space and you shield it from attacking trouble makers. Be that as it may, it additionally has components of tower barrier and roguelike sorts also.

For Best Android Strategy Games, you should try this Bad North: Jotunn Edition immediately.

Every island is haphazardly produced and you should safeguard everyone. Also, you forever lose administrators in the event that they go down in a fight. It includes a touch of additional profundity and trouble for the works. The game has the incidental bug, yet it’s, in any case, a brilliant procedure game with a solitary sticker price and no in-application buys.

6: The Battle of Polytopia

My favorite game of all the time from Best Android Strategy Games.

The skirmish of Polytopia is outstanding amongst other turn-based procedure games. Here you need to manufacture a domain and train your warriors to battle with underhanded clans. As you win your domain will sequentially increment. It is a decent technique game where you need to reconsider before you move since you will encounter a novel circumstance here.

The battle of Polytopia
The battle of Polytopia

Its Features:

  1. Appreciate the Excellent equalization of secure dealing with yet confounded key circumstances while playing.
  2. You can undoubtedly comprehend the ongoing interaction without trouble.
  3. This game is extraordinary compared to other online technique games is which will give you the ideal control framework showed on the screen.
  4. Get a mind-blowing plan that is truly reasonable for cell phones. So you can play from anyplace.
  5. You can pick your clan from a few clans and race your domain with new advancements opened from the earliest starting point.
  6. You can take your soldiers from land to the ocean and overhaul your pontoons for a genuine ocean battle.

7: Bounty Hunter Space Lizard

Free Android game Bounty Hunter Space Lizard is the story of a sorrowful reptile living in a van, whose sweetheart left, and whose spacesuit sprang a break. Clearly, said reptile at that point had a revelation: the best way to ‘feel invigorated’ is to be an abundance tracker!

It is anything but a proposal TechRadar would make (maybe get an exercise center enrollment, or take up an instrument), however, it provides the backstory for enjoyment and shockingly profound turn-based procedure title.

Across 20 levels you cautiously move your reptile, cruelly chopping down targets, and attempt to abstain from getting unpleasantly slaughtered yourself. The game keeps shaking things up, moving from perfect timing stealth to a chess take on Bomberman. Arriving at the completion is a compensating experience – yet one you likely won’t have for a long while. It turns out being an abundance tracker is intense!

8: Fire Emblem Heroes

The legendary Fire Emblem arrangement happens in an exemplary medieval dreamland where people and mythical beasts exist together. You should order a multitude of sword-bearers and enchantment wielders in a type of strategic fighting looking like an intricate round of chess. Download Fire Emblem Heroes for nothing and challenge different players in sharp edge to-staff battle.

9: Fallout Shelter

You don’t need to play the Fallout series to appreciate Fallout Shelter. All you have to know is the atomic end times have arrived, and you must guarantee humankind endures. Right now, you should deal with a group of individual survivors to develop nourishment, produce vitality, and remake society.

Fallout Shelter
Fallout Shelter

9: The Escapists 2: Pocket Breakout

Of all the methodology games that show up on this rundown, The Escapists 2 offers the player the most opportunity for planning an epic jail escape. In the event that you played and delighted in The Escapists you’re certain to adore the continuation which has been exceptionally structured from the beginning for a portable with upgraded contact controls and multiplayer highlights included for the spin-off.

Best Android Strategy Games enlist this game for better strategies and quality gaming screens.

By and by, The Escapists 2 is about the rush of a consummately arranged jailbreak. There are various approaches to break out of every jail that expect you to take supplies to create things, win cash which would then be able to be utilized to fix monitors, or simply make weapons to cause a straight-up jail revolt.

In your vacation, you can prepare your detainee in the library or rec center so you can beat and surpass your captors, yet you’ll make certain to stay aware of the everyday jail schedules to dodge doubt.

There are five detainment facilities to escape from — beginning in an essential prison and increase to testing most extreme security offices.

And you’re ready to plan and play with companions over nearby multiplayer. Which is one of the coolest new highlights add to the establishment.

10: Bloons TD 6

Bloons TD 6 is the most recent pinnacle protection game in the long-running arrangement. It includes a ton of components from earlier titles. You play as monkeys and you guard against the trouble makers.

The game incorporates 19 towers, three overhaul ways for every pinnacle, and huge amounts of scaled-down updates. The game additionally bolsters disconnected play, new game modes, different troubles, and significantly more.

This is effectively the best pinnacle barrier discharge in 2018 (besides perhaps Defend the Cake) and it’s an unquestionable requirement to pursue procedure fans. It runs for $4.99 with extra in-application buys in the event that you decide to pay for them.

The Kingdom Rush arrangement of games is additionally very acceptable in the event that you like the pinnacle barrier procedure.

Bloons TD 6
Bloons TD 6

11: Civilization Revolution 2

For Android gadgets, Development Revolution 2 is one of the best turn-based online technique games. End up as an incredible pioneer who is attempting to assemble the most remarkable domain. Command over your adversaries by attacking their capitals, gathering gold and getting urban areas. Execute your strategic information and system to lead the world.

Its Features:

  1. Assemble your strong military with the most recent battle units loaded up with extraordinary powers and gear.
  2. Get present-day innovation and accomplish predominance over others.
  3. Build up your country with present-day frameworks and administrations.
  4. Appreciate the 3D designs and get the update sporadically.
  5. Find huge occasions and appreciate the fights in a genuine situation.
  6. This game doesn’t demolish your energy by indicating the advertisements.

12: Void Tyrant

Void Tyrant undertakings you – as a forceful legend – with tidying up the system. Furthermore, you do so by means of the intensity of blackjack. Kind of.

That’s right, this free Android game is another card battler. As you work your way through the universe, you go head to head in one-on-one fights with different vicious adversaries, flipping over cards, and attempting to better your rival’s score without going belly up.

In any case, there’s something else entirely to winning than mystery, since you likewise assemble a deck brimming with abilities and weapons. Playing these extra cards (which eats into gradually recharging vitality) is the way to progress, and adds technique to what may somehow or another have been a lightweight, disposable game.

Rather, it’s truly outstanding near, with huge amounts of profundity and replays esteem and an entirely sensible premium redesign on the off chance that you need to free yourself of the advertisements.

Void Tyrant
Void Tyrant

13: Reigns: Her Majesty

A greater amount of an intuitive storybook than a game. Reigns: Her Majesty is a pick-your-own experience application that places players in charge of a sovereign going to be removed. You should settle on basic choices by swiping left or option to keep up control of your position of royalty. Express an inappropriate thing to an inappropriate individual and it’s off with your head.

14: Holedown

The most recent game from designer Martin Jonasson is Holedown, an unhinged riddle game that blends in a solid portion of the methodology. The game makes them mine deeply of divine bodies — beginning with space rock and stirring your way up to the Sun — utilizing skipping excavator balls that ricochet off of hued squares.

Every block has a number that speaks to the number of hits expected to decimate it. You can let gravity do the majority of the work by wrecking a square supporting different squares and some are bolded set up and should be crushed.

It’s anything but difficult to get and play this game, however that is the point at which the methodology comes in. All the blocks are bent, permitting you to set up dubious bank shots to get out huge segments of squares in one go.

This will turn out to be very significant as the screen climb one line after each shot. In the event that the squares arrive at the highest point of the screen, it’s down finished.


En route, you will gather precious stones which are spent on updates that give you more balls per shot, and more shots per round. These overhauls are urgent to finishing the later planets yet in addition let the prior levels become to a greater extent a careless interruption for your tram drive.

In case you’re a fanatic of material science-based riddle games and are searching for another fixation. Holedown is definitely justified even despite your cash!

For Best Android Strategy Games you Must Try This Game.

15: Card Thief

Card Thief is one of the more extraordinary methodology games. It’s a blend among procedures and a game. You will likely move around to keep away from identification. You’ll have gear, stealth focuses, and more to assist you with evading the gatekeepers and finish the level.

It brags a playtime a few minutes for each play. That makes it extraordinary for easygoing gamers. You can download the game for nothing and open the full form for $1.99.

16: ROME: Total War

It is one of the interests of developing the best Android technique games that will take you to 270 BC. You need to assume responsibility for one Roman family at first. It has two separate alternatives for ongoing interaction: continuous strategic fight and turn-based key crusade.

Utilize your soldiers to battle against adversary powers and actualize your methodology and strategies to finish the endorsed goals expressed on the guide.

17: King Crusher

King Crusher is a continuous system brawler in a shoebox. The backstory irritates the ruler that foes exist, thus he dispatches you to expel them. Your little band should subsequently walk through woodlands, deserts, and graveyards, clearing out anybody in their way.

In spite of the fact that King Crusher submerges itself in the scope of RPG tropes, for example, assembling your group, overhauling forces, and taking on missions, it’s additionally impeccably fit to versatile. Each fight happens on a small matrix, where you should rapidly respond to risk, and release your group’s forces on whoever you happen to be duffing up.

Everything works magnificently. There’s sufficient profundity to keep you rejecting over the long haul. However, the reduced down activity pressed fights are obviously fit for telephone-based play.

King Crusher
King Crusher

18: Clash Royale

From the creators of Clash of Clans comes a card-based, multiplayer, tower barrier procedure game set in a similar universe. While that may seem like an odd mix of types, Clash Royale mixes them together shockingly well. Fights comprise of exceptional three-minute rounds, yet the genuine procedure comes in getting ready for battle.

Clash Royale plays an important role in Best Android Strategy Games 2020 for all types of users.

19: Mushroom Wars 2

Mushroom Wars 2 is an honor winning continuous system game that makes them control minor multitudes of mushroom officers in on the web or disconnected fights.

At long last discharged for Android, this game highlights excellent illustrations. And interactivity that is anything but difficult to adapt however testing to ace.

Your objective is all out mastery, which expects you to move your soldiers over the guide, taking over key mushroom cabins and different structures while safeguarding against propels from your foe.

There are four Mushroom clans to browse with a full battle scene accessible for each. However, the genuine activity starts with the online multiplayer. You’ll have to keep your brains about you as you balance your troop levels. Assemble resolve, and utilize unique aptitudes to command your rivals.

20: Chess by AI Factory Limited

The Chess is one of the most seasoned methodology games. Chess Free is most likely the best chess game on versatile. The designs aren’t a great deal to take a gander at. In any case, you’ll have 12 trouble levels across two game modes, ELO Ratings, spare and burden games, neighborhood multiplayer, a chess coach, and a lot of other cool stuff. It’s about as complete of a chess game as you can discover. It uses the Treebeard Chess Engine. It’s a similar one from MSN Chess. Simulated intelligence Factory Limited has a lot of other basic tabletop games like Checkers, GO, and a few others.

21: Hearthstone

Hearthstone is a neck-and-neck game that engages yourself into the exceptional universe of imagination. You need to fight with your opponents and make their wellbeing to zero.

You can gather incredible cards and make your deck increasingly solid. Plan and execute your techniques and the destruction of your challengers. You can call upon your devotees and hurl spells to grab control of the combat zone.

22: Train Conductor World

You may groan about trains when you’re – again – hanging tight for a late appearance during your day by day drive. Yet playing this game and you’ll send up a little prayer of thanks that you’re not in Train Conductor World. Here, trains rocket along, and for the most part towards head-on crashes.

You must haul out brief scaffolds to stay away from disaster while at the same time sending each train to its appropriate goal – it’s debilitating.

From the off, Train Conductor World is requesting, and in a little while a sort of ‘squint and everything will be crushed to bits’ attitude overruns. For a way discovering activity puzzler – Flight Control on tracks, maybe – it’s a connecting with and energizing experience.

23: Heroes of Flatlandia

Saints of Flatlandia is a turn-based system game with fun designs and respectable gameplay. You enroll a multitude of imagination enlivened soldiers and conflict against miscreants to assume control over the land.

The game incorporates eight playable legends. 30 sorts of units across four races, a neighborhood multiplayer mode, and the sky is the limit from there. It’s a strong encounter in spite of the fact that it might do not have the profundity that a lot progressively bad-to-the-bone system fans ache for.

Regardless, you can give it a shot for nothing before purchasing the full game. From that point onward, there are no smaller scale exchanges.

Heroes of Flatlandia
Heroes of Flatlandia

24: Star Command

Star Command is a science fiction technique game with a retro pixel craftsmanship style. Players assume responsibility for a spaceship that enigmatically appears as though it could have been pulled out of a Star Trek film. And enlist a team, update offices, and set out on intergalactic experiences that normally end in a firefight with bizarre outsiders.

Fights rage between ships with various small scale games for every weapon framework, or against boarding parties. So, Where you have to move group individuals into position, put out the discharge. And ensure your kin don’t get sucked out into the virus bereft of space when there’s a body rupture. After some time, your group increments in abilities, empowering them to man the boat’s different stations with expanding adequacy.

In case you’re searching for enjoyment, happy single-player involvement in incredible composition and a ton of long haul movement, Star Command is the place it’s at.

25: Rusted Warfare

Rusted Warfare is a retro-style continuous system game with a ton making it work. It flaunts an increasingly in-your-face RTS involvement in no in-application buys, no advertisements, and no compensation to-win mechanics.

It additionally gloats more than 40 player-controlled units, different guards, on the web and disconnected multiplayer, and backing for mice and consoles. The illustrations aren’t winning any honors, however honestly that is about the main ding we have on this one.

And, after it’s all said and done, it’s not awful in case you’re into retro games. It even has a custom game mode for training, fun, and messing about with the game’s mechanics. This one ought to most likely be progressively famous.

26: Supercell

Supercell is the engineer of four of the Best Android Strategy Games. So, They are Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Brawl Stars, and Boom Beach. Conflict of Clans and Boom Beach are RTS procedure games where you fabricate a base, shield it against different players, and afterward, assault different players.

Conflict Royale is a game comparable in extension to Hearthstone. So, Fight Stars is a beat them up technique game with some MOBA components. Each game flaunts a huge player base and that is uplifting news since they’re all online multiplayer games.

There are additionally a lot of games like Clash of Clans just as games like Clash Royale on the off chance that you like the class yet need to give another engineer’s turn a shot it.



These are the Best Android Strategy Games for the future. We hope you like this content about Best Android Strategy Games. If you want to read on other topics you can visit our website. Thank You!

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